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Assuming the player does not have a natural, which is an automatic win, the player's most common decision is whether to hit or stand. Hitting is taking another card; standing is refusing one. Example: A player holds a 5 and an 8 for a total of 13. Wanting to get closer to 21, he signals the dealer for a hit. In a face-up game (i.e., a game in which all players' cards are dealt face up, so players are not allowed to touch their cards), the player signals for a hit by scratching or tapping the tabletop with his finger. In a facedown game where the player must pick up his first two cards, the player signals for a hit by scratching or tapping on the tabletop with the edge of his cards. The dealer then deals the player another card face-up on the table. The player may not touch this or any subsequent cards dealt to him. Let's say this card is a deuce—the player may now decide to stand or hit again. The player may hit as many times as he chooses, so long as his total does not exceed 21.

A player signals he wants to stand by either waving his hand sideways, palm down in a face-up game, or, in a facedown game, by sliding his original two cards facedown beneath his wager.

In a facedown game, if a player hits his hand to a total of more than 21, he should immediately lay his original two cards face up on the table. The dealer will collect the player's wager. In a face-up game, players don't have to do anything, as the dealer will see the bust, sometimes remarking, "too many," as he collects the bet.

Doubling Down
A player may also elect to double down on his first two cards. This means that the player doubles the size of his bet, and receives one and only one hit card. In the face-up game players double down by placing an amount of money equal to the original bet on the table, beside the money already wagered. In the facedown game, the player places his original two cards face up on the table behind his bet, then places an amount of money equal to his original bet beside it in his betting spot.

A casino may have restrictions on when a player may double down: Some allow doubling down on any two original cards; others restrict the play to hard totals of 9, 10, and 11 only, some to 10 and 11 only. There are even a few casinos that allow doubling down on more than two cards, but this rule variation is rare. Many casinos allow players to "double for less" than the original wager, but none allow players to double down for more.

Nobody in this day and age needs to ever feel alone again. Even if your friends have deserted you and the love your life has gone walkabouts, you should know that an entire world of fun, adventure and – best of all – friends is waiting for you online. At the click of a button, you can play free online board games and become part of a huge gaming community, putting all your lonely days behind you.

By playing free online board games, such as backgammon or chess, you get to take part in a classic, fun-filled activity without spending a cent. You might discover a flair for a game that you have never played before in your life and before you know it, you might be a regular visitor to backgammon sites on the internet. Playing online board games introduces you to exciting events such as tournaments and competitions, where you can compete for great prizes or cash.

Some people have jobs that donít make them smile and itís a shame to have this type of work. But then they know that they have casino slots games for Canadian players waiting when they get home and it all seems better. This is what AllSlots does.


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However, the most important reason for playing free online board games is that you get to broaden your social circle tenfold. You are suddenly faced with a virtual sea of people who are waiting, mouse in hand, to meet you and play a game or two with you. Excellent gaming software on the internet allows you to chat to your new friends about anything under the sun and wonderful friendships have blossomed when players meet others over an exciting game of backgammon or chess.

What's so great about online gaming?

Playing casino games online is quickly becoming a popular hobby in the UK. This exciting trend combines the best of casino gambling and online browsing, and the result is a simple, fun way to play your favorite games. One nice thing about playing these games online is the variety – you'll find that no two websites are alike, as each has its own versions of classic games like roulette as well as fan favorites like animated slots.
So… How do I start playing online casino games?

Joining the world of online gambling couldn't be easier! It's really quite simple to create an account on these websites, and once that's done, you're good to go. But before you forget – check out your new player online casino bonus! That's right; you can earn a hefty bonus for just creating an account. How does it work? Before you start, check out the site for "sign up bonus" or "new player credits" promotions.

You can find these great deals nearly everywhere, and honestly, any casino that doesn't offer one isn't worth your time. These fab bonuses can benefit you in lots of different ways. A popular type of promo lets you earn double credits for your first deposit. Another offer you might find allows players to win more cash from certain games. You can shop around for the offer that best suits your needs, or simply go with the casino that looks best and enjoy whatever promotion they have available… the choice is yours, and so is the free cash!
What next?

After signing up, placing a deposit, or whatever else you need to do to earn your bonus, the freebies are yours to enjoy. Why not use the bonus credits to try a new game? Maybe it's been a while since you last played Blackjack, or you've always wanted to try a new variety of poker… well, now's the chance! After all, it's free money, so why not give it a go? Who knows, you just might win the jackpot!

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